Welcome to the courtyards of life!

From the earth to the cosmos. From the starlit skies above you to the beautiful open courtyard to celebrate every moment of life. We are inspired to bring the courtyard back to life in the contemporary avatar in Constella!

Constella, named after a constellation of stars, is a villa community that’s different by design. It weaves an age-old concept in the architecture-The Courtyard! Invite the cosmos into homes with the outdoors flowing into the indoors.

Come home to the extraordinaire! Come home to the courtyards of life!

A life rooted in happiness and togetherness

Not just a villa, it’s a Fantasy

Addresses of Pride

Age-old tradition in contemporary Avatar.

Be one with the skies.

Think Differently. Live Exceptionally.

A Scale Truly Mega and Spectacular!

This beautiful universe, Constella offers you space, companionship, and a magical connection with nature. Designed as a 27-acre gated community of 183 breathtaking villas with the finest infrastructure, Constella promises a global look and feel.

Topped up with a refreshing perspective, the villas in Constella will be divided into clusters. Every cluster will have a common courtyard in the center. Forge a togetherness forever with the inter-connected and free-flowing design that allows the nature to play in all its elements.

27 acres
183 villas
Green space 70%
4250 sft - 5400 sft

"future perfect"
tukkuguda for you!

A whole new way of life awaits you amidst a mix of buzz and tranquillity. Constella, in the futuristic locale of Tukkuguda, is where you want to be if you would like to move away from the city and still have easy access to the urban conveniences.

Rajiv gandhi international airport


ORR exit 14


The Aga Khan Academy